What They’re Saying About Greek Yoga

Army Infantryman Endorses GREEK YOGA™!

Orlando from Baltimore, in the Army Infantry for eight years, told us he hurt his lower back lifting weights, that he could not even touch his toes, and was looking for something different that would help–he found it with GREEK YOGA™ With two workouts per week, in less than a month, Orlando has much more flexibility and is really enjoying the program!

See Orlando’s endorsement on The Jesse Lee Peterson Show

I was looking for an exercise program to do on the road and at home. GREEK YOGA™ has been the perfect fit for me. It is a great blend of cardio, strength training, stretching, core, and balance work. Thanks to Greek Yoga, I have already gained strength, flexibility, and better balance. I can’t recommend this program highly enough. Thanks Patrick Rooney and Greek Yoga.

–Marc Yaffee

   Award-Winning Comedian


Greek Yoga… what is it? Have you ever heard of the movie, 300? True story… in 481 B.C., 300 Greek warriors stood in the gap to protect their city against a marauding Persian army of multiple thousands including war elephants. They fought to the bitter end knowing dying for a noble cause was better than living as a defeated coward. How were they so brave and fierce? You guessed it, Greek Yoga.
In the spirit of the Greek warrior, trainer Patrick Rooney practices what he preaches with an emphasis on a sound mind, a strong body and a healthy diet and attitude. 30 minutes of Greek Yoga with Patrick and you’re good to go! You may not be taking on a war party but whatever comes at you in your day, you’ll be ready for it. The workout actually makes you feel powerful and energetic afterwards. It’s a great combination of stretching and interval or burst training. I think it’s important to mix up your routine with walking, running, biking, lifting, and stretching. Greek Yoga is an absolute must for the mix. My wife loves it too!
-Wayne W.

  Nashville, Tennessee

I’m going to try and do this Greek Yoga video everyday. To me, I see Greek Yoga as an excellent maintenance tool if you all are already in good shape and a pathway to get into good shape if you are not. Either way, I consider something  like Greek Yoga to be an indispensable part of overall health and fitness. It’s  full body, it’s  scalable,  it can be done anywhere,  its just what I needed.  Thanks Greek Physique.

–Brian M.

   Eastvale, California