What is “GREEK”? It’s Appearance AND Function!

Why do we have to settle for attaining JUST a better

appearance, or JUST better function through our workouts? Why can’t we have both?

This is not a new idea. My inspiration for GREEK PHYSIQUE™ is the ancient Spartans. They were famous for their amazing appearance AND function. Think about it–they didn’t go down in history for having great abs–they became famous for what they could DO with their minds and bodies.

Do you really want to do endless curls which basically just develop your biceps muscles? Wouldn’t you rather do functional exercises that develop multiple muscles AND the biceps, while having fun doing it?

Now I’m not talking about bodybuilding. I think bodybuilding is great, but unless you’re a pro, or really into it, I would rather build the body AND improve my ability to fully (or as full as one can) take part in life’s activities.

And there’s so little downside to training for appearance AND function. You lose very little on the appearance side. In fact, it can be argued that you actually GAIN improved appearance, because functional workouts provide a very nice natural balance to your body.

My older clients particularly appreciate functional movement in their workouts, because this is what they need to fight the ravages of aging. When they lose function, in many ways they lose their life. They certainly lose their independence.

So let’s bring some real function–and fun–into the world of physical training. I think you’ll find it much more fulfilling than just another set of bicep curls (yawn).

To Your Health and Fitness!


Patrick Rooney is the Owner of GREEK PHYSIQUE™, LLC, a Personal Training company located in Middle Tennessee, which specializes in body sculpting for men and women. Patrick is certified through the National Association for Fitness Certification (NAFC). Patrick is available for Personal Training, Small Group Training, and Nutritional Consulting, both in person and via phone and Skype. He can be reached at info@greekphysique.online.

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