Why We’re Here

GREEK PHYSIQUE™ FITNESS honors the timeless, supreme physical culture exemplified by ancient Greek warriors–a legacy that has been kept alive and refined through the ages by those who have strived to find true physical excellence.

We also honor the amazing modern discoveries that have led to increased health and fitness for those who have ears to hear, and the desire to put these discoveries into practice.

Our company blends this ancient wisdom and cutting edge knowledge to bring efficient, full-body body sculpting and fat burning workouts to men and women in Middle Tennessee.

Our Senior Trainer, Patrick Rooney, is Certified by the National Association of Fitness Certification (NAFC), and is also CPR / AED Certified.

Great health is more important than ever, and a key study demonstrated that physical in-activity is the leading cause of death in the U.S. Don’t become a statistic!

Call us at (615) 266-9116 or email us at info@greekphysique.online for a no obligation FREE Consultation and demonstration. You’ll be glad you did!


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