There’s Something About Barbells

This morning I did an all-barbell workout–why not? There is something about barbells, there really is. What? Hmmm… I’ve always been a lover of “old school,” for starters.

My dad was old school. So were his friends. Some were WWW II vets, as he was. Simple men, not given to a lot of extraneous talk. They’d probably never blog, btw! 🙂

I don’t actually remember him using barbells, but he did bowl! Ok, I’m digressing…

A barbell does not depend on electricity or batteries. It doesn’t need an update every few weeks or even every year. It’s so versatile. And as a tool for compound lifts… well that’s where it really shines!

Think about it. It’s often on the floor. And you pick it up and do something with it. Lift it off the ground–deadlift. Flip it to your shoulders–power clean. Hoist it overhead–press or jerk, depending on if you use your legs to assist.

And don’t forget the chest work, from the bench. And even ab work, because it rolls!

If I only had one workout tool, it would be a barbell–and of course enough plates for a lifetime of strength increase.

So let’s get to lifting. And flipping. And pressing. And rolling. You’ll see what I mean. There is indeed something about barbells.

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