Mike and Linda R.

We have been completely delighted and overwhelmingly satisfied with the Patrick Rooney’s Greek Physique LLC 12-Week Transformation Program. Our purpose in joining the program was centered upon re-gaining strength and enhancing our overall fitness.


Patrick’s unique and creative approach allowed us to become “buddies” in the program. As a retired, married couple (ages 59 and 63), we met together with Patrick via Skype weekly, reporting on our progress, measurements, and any physical challenges. Patrick provided attainable goals for progressions with the appropriate levels of challenge, without risk of injury. Our “buddy system” provided a support and motivational system for both of us.


During our initial consultation, we explained our busy travel schedule, necessitating a portable, usable and reliable program to take along which Patrick designed. Our weekly Skype meetings were held from many parts of the world and our exercise regimen was completed in various places.


We have completed our 12 week program with great success, amazing progress and unparalleled satisfaction. Patrick has provided us with the building blocks for each of the progressions, a template for our aerobic workouts along with the tools that we will need to take our training “on the road” as we continue to progress in fitness and wellness.


We applaud Patrick for his professionalism, commitment to health, fitness, and overall wellness. We recommend him as a creative and open-minded trainer, who focuses upon our feeling comfortable, yet challenged, with each new exercise, without risk of injury. His attention to detail, including his charting of our weekly measurements and physical progress, along with his professionally detailed analyses of the needed “next steps” ensured our success in the program.


The following data reveals our true success – in just 12 weeks in the program:


Husband (age 59):

  • Major gains in strength (began with being able to do less than 1 pull-up to completing the program with 10 pull-ups!)
  • Through adherence to the “Big Six” progressions, the following statistics serve to validate the program:
    •Lost 10 pounds
  • Lost 6% body fat
  • Gained 7.5 pounds of lean muscle mass
  • Lost 3.5 inches at his waist
    •Lost 3 inches at his hips
  • Gained 1.5 inches in his arms (an area of initial focus)
  • Gained 2 inches in his thighs (an area of initial focus)


Wife (Age 63):

  • Major gains in strength : (20 full “girl’s” pushups, 10 slightly-assisted pull ups, 27 close (no bounce) squats, 20 shoulder presses onto a low chair, 25 straight “candlestick” bridges)
  • Major gains in “Bone Remodeling”
  • Enhanced cardio (heart) strength, including lowered heart rate, and H.I.I.T Nordic Track elliptical trainer (1 minute sprints with 90 second medium pace)
    •Through adherence to the “Big Six” progressions, the following statistics serve to validate the program:
    •Lost 1.6 pounds
  • Lost 3% body fat
  • Gained 2 pounds of lean muscle mass
  • Gained .5 inches in her arms
  • Lost 2 inches in her thighs


We encourage anyone interested in enhancing his/her overall fitness and wellness to seriously consider Greek Physique LLC as an outstanding program. Thank you, Patrick, for your exceptional guidance.


Mike and Linda, it has been my joy to work with you these past 12 Weeks. You have been the model “students,” and have made the concepts I teach your own. You’ve done everything I’ve asked and then some, but I think what impresses me the most is your utter refusal to buy into a “need” to decline in health and fitness, just because you’ve reached a certain age. As your report and numbers so clearly show–far from declining–your strength, mobility, and body composition have IMPROVED dramatically! I know you that you are now taking every aspect of your health and fitness seriously, including learning every day the key nutritional concepts that will take you to the next level(s). I am excited to see just what you can achieve from here, and look forward to continuing amazing reports along the way. Thank you again for being part of something really special.