Chase N.

“Greek Physique, LLC met me where I was in my fitness journey (not started), and got me to a place where I wanted to live an all around healthy lifestyle.

Here are some highlights:

1. Took my craving for sugar and squashed it!
2. Taught me how to only eat when hungry (not out of boredom)
3. Showed me systems and processes for workouts that I can use for the rest of my life
4. Measured my progress so that I could see actual results, even when they were hard to notice
5. Moved at my speed, while not allowing me to settle

Patrick does a great job, and if you are considering starting a personal training regimen, I don’t think there’s a better one than what he has developed with Greek Physique.”


Thank you, Chase. It’s been a joy to work with you. You’ve given 100% every time, and even more important, you are committed to a healthy lifestyle, to doing the things that are not always easy, when no trainer is around. With this attitude, you cannot help but succeed. I still haven’t gotten over how you blew away the “final exam” at the conclusion of our 12 week program… Multiple hundreds of percent increases in muscular strength / endurance, and your cardio ability went through the roof as well! Well done, indeed!