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December 4, 2017 Patrick

You have a gift. I think God’s used you to save my life.

November 12, 2017 Patrick

I just wanted to thank  you for everything you did for me. Our training sessions became so much more important than just the exercise–you helped build my confidence and believe in what I could become. It was a rare gift, I truly appreciated it.

October 28, 2017 Patrick

Patrick Rooney is extremely knowledgeable in the field of personal training. He does a thorough assessment to identify key improvement opportunities and then tailors each workout to address those areas. Periodically he checks key measurements to gauge individual progress towards goals. Patrick is very personable. If needed, I would jump at the chance to work…

June 30, 2017 Patrick

My name is Brian. I am a 60 year old husband, a father of three children, and have a very busy daily schedule. However, thanks to Greek Physique, I can honestly say I’m now in the best shape of my entire life. With the guidance of Patrick Rooney, my personal trainer, in just 12 short…

May 30, 2017 Patrick

“Greek Physique, LLC met me where I was in my fitness journey (not started), and got me to a place where I wanted to live an all around healthy lifestyle. Here are some highlights: 1. Took my craving for sugar and squashed it! 2. Taught me how to only eat when hungry (not out of…

May 30, 2017 Patrick

“The overall professionalism is unsurpassed, I love the fact that they are able to do my training over Skype so I can stay in the comfort of my home. In my first 12 week session I met all of my goals, friends and family have noticed my stronger physique. I now realize even at 56…

January 26, 2017 Patrick

Recommend Him to Anybody “Patrick was very professional. He designed a workout program that benefited my needs. I would recommend him to anybody that is in need of a personal fitness trainer.”

January 26, 2017 Patrick

A Peak Experience “Patrick is knowledgeable. He is caring. He is punctual. He does follow up. He actually does what he says. He has an amazing gentle way of nudging you to be better in many areas of your life.”

January 26, 2017 Patrick

Update from Sebastian  11/27/16… “I’ve been very busy since my PT test on Saturday 10/16. I actually beat everyone on the test with a score of 286 (80 pushups – 100%, 74 sit-ups – 100% [what Patrick trained him on] and 2 mile run – 15:38 – 86%. I have turned 45 years on 26 September, so…

January 26, 2017 Patrick

Shocking Transformation! SEE VIDEO “Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I went to Nashville, Tennessee to visit with Patrick and his family. And I have to tell you, on the scale of 1 to 10, 10 being best—10. Patrick started his own business and he is a personal trainer. He teaches you how to exercise, the kind…