Get Strong, The Ultimate 16-Week Transformation Program For Gaining Muscle And Strength–Using The Power Of Progressive Calisthenics


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How to Build a Better Body Fast…Where do you belong on the strength continuum? And where do you want to be? Too often, we know what we should be doing to gain strength, but we lack direction, a plan, motivation and intelligent guidance to make appreciable gains over the long haul. We have no real goal, no proper focus and therefore underachieve-going nowhere with our strength… Get Strong is a guidebook for those who are dissatisfied with their current rate of progress-and who want to effect lasting changes, fast… Your great advantage with the Get Strong program is the intelligent realism of its plan. While the Kavadlo brothers have achieved supreme feats of calisthenics strength-like the one-arm pull up, the human flag and the back lever-they have also spent decades helping thousands of clients meet and often exceed their training goals. And you can see from their photographs that their choice of exercise regimens has resulted in beyond spectacular physiques. With the Kavaldos’ strategies you get strength and looks in one awesome package. As experienced architects and constructors of strength, the Kavadlos know what it takes to advance from absolute newbie to elite practitioner. The Kavadlos also know how to strip things down to their essentials-to get the most out of the least, the biggest bang for the buck… Get Strong guides you through four major phases of strength, using a construction analogy: Foundation, Brick and Mortar, Concrete and Iron and Forged Steel. Just follow the master architects’ blueprint as drawn-and you cannot fail but to grow a stronger and better-looking body. It’s inevitable! When you graduate from Phase 3, Concrete and Iron, you will already possess a beastly level of functional strength-with a body to match. When you graduate from Phase 4, Forged From Steel, you will be at a world elite level for pound-for-pound strength. And the beauty of it all: you can do it!


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