It’s Not a Sprint, But It’s Not a Marathon Either

The truth is, that whether it’s a sprint or a marathon, you’re still in a RACE. And lifelong fitness and health is not a race at all.

This occurred to me when I saw some guys doing a PX 90-influenced workout this am. Nothing against it, in fact, there were some cool exercises they were doing. It just reminded me, watching their intensity, how many people burn out with fitness, because their workouts are not sustainable over the long run.

I favor old-school, full-body weight, bodyweight, and kettle bell training, for the most part. I favor this, because it is very effective for fat loss, muscle growth, mobility, and central nervous system training.

But more importantly, I favor it because I love to do it. We will do what we love more religiously and enthusiastically than what we do not love.

And that makes everything we do more effective.

“Happy” lifting!



Patrick Rooney is the Owner of GREEK PHYSIQUE™, LLC, a Personal Training company located in Middle Tennessee, which specializes in body sculpting for men and women. Patrick is certified through the National Association for Fitness Certification (NAFC). For more information, go to Contact Patrick at

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