More than Personal Training…

GREEK PHYSIQUE™, LLC provides the guidance necessary to build a classic physique–strong, sleek, proportional, functional.

We provide nutritional and lifestyle guidance as well.

We do much more than help you get in shape–we help you change your life!

“You have a gift. I think God’s used you to save my life.”

–Rachel J., Petaluma, CA

We offer superior Certified Personal Training in Middle Tennessee and worldwide via phone and videophone, through the National Association for  Fitness Certification (NAFC).

“My name is Brian. I am a 60 year old husband, a father of three children, and have a very busy daily schedule. However, thanks to Greek Physique, LLC, I can honestly say I’m now in the best shape of my entire life. With the guidance of Patrick Rooney, my personal trainer, in just 12 short weeks I was able to lose 20 pounds, go from about 18% body fat to about 10%, reduce my waist from 37″ to 30″, gain measurable strength, and significantly increase my endurance. I would recommend Greek Physique, LLC to anyone who’s interested in getting fit. If I could do it at 60, then anyone can!”

– Brian M., Eastvale, CA

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