If You’re Even THINKING About Training With Us, Read This

Hello! There’s a lot I want to tell you, so please bear with me for a moment…

I have two openings in my schedule right now, and I want to use them to train two motivated people who are tired of being overweight, or weak, or held back by a body that just doesn’t want to do what they want it to do.

It the “they” I speak of “you”? If it is, please do not delay your comeback any further. I can help you. Because I have been you. 

You may know my story. I’m 57, and in better physical condition today than twenty years ago.That didn’t happen by accident. It happened because I wanted more out of life than to simply exist. I wanted to LIVE! Continue reading “If You’re Even THINKING About Training With Us, Read This”

Spring is Here–Work Out Anywhere!


Spring is here!

It’s a time for renewal. A time for many to travel–kids out, get out! To be outdoors as much as we can.

I have always believed in natural health–in sunshine, fresh air, natural movement, minimally-processed food, and proper rest.

As weather permits, I believe in getting outside for my workouts as much as possible. It beats a dark, smelly gym! Good for the soul too.

And thankfully, there really isn’t much needed to get in a good workout; other than, as exercise minimalist Danny Kavadlo has said, “Something to step up on, something to hang from, and something heavy.”

It’s liberating!

Many years ago, I took a cruise with family to the Eastern Caribbean. It was great! For exercise equipment, I packed my yoga mat–that’s it! And that’s all I needed. I did yoga in the mornings right inside my cabin, I walked around the ship and islands that we visited, I swam in the beautiful, tropical, turquoise water, ran some on the treadmill in the ship’s gym, and did some post-cardio stretching. That was plenty and I never missed a beat. Continue reading “Spring is Here–Work Out Anywhere!”

Is It Possible to Gain Muscle Past 90? This Study Says “Yes!”

A recent article, How to Build Muscle as Age Tears It Down, was brought to my attention by loved ones–thank you–it’s a gem.

So how to do that at an advanced age when the article itself says that muscle loss begins in our thirties, gains momentum when we hit fifty, and accelerates in our seventies?

It even states that many in their forties and fifties are losing muscle, even if they are exercising fairly regularly.

So how to stop or at least slow down this cascade of bad news?

It’s no surprise to me or my clients that strength training is noted as the most important intervention.

The kicker in the article is a LINK to a 1994 study that showed that muscle loss can be slowed in most, and EVEN REVERSED IN SOME REGARDLESS OF AGE! Continue reading “Is It Possible to Gain Muscle Past 90? This Study Says “Yes!””