Let’s Talk Turkey (Or At Least How to Get Rid of It!)

Are you carrying around a few more pounds today than last week? We can all relate during the holidays!

When I get into this situation (and I’m in it right now!), typically I’ll use a tried and true strategy to slim down–it’s called Intermittent Fasting. You may have heard of it. It’s a very simple strategy, and pretty painless.

Now keep in mind this strategy may not be for everybody, particularly if you have low blood sugar or another medical issue that requires you to have eat frequently. When in doubt, check with your doctor.

Yet also keep in mind that various forms of fasting have been implemented for centuries–Jesus Christ, Gandhi, and many others have successfully done it.

But Intermittent Fasting is just what the word says, “intermittent,” meaning you’re not fasting all the time. You simply eat all your food for the day in a particular eight-hour time “window,” such as between 10 AM and 6 PM, Noon till 8 PM, etc. In other words, your eating time represents one third of your twenty-four hour day, and your non-eating time represents two thirds of your day. It can be customized to fit your schedule.

Currently, I’m using the 10 AM to 6 PM window. This makes a lot of sense for me, because I work out first thing in the morning (well, second thing actually, after prayer). I choose not to eat before workouts, some people do eat before. 

And I’ve had my last food by 6 PM most nights, giving my stomach several hours to digest it before I go “horizontal” (sleep). This works for me.

The principle that makes Intermittent Fasting work is the amount of rest it gives your body between meals. It tends also to foster increased water drinking during the non-eating hours.

Many people have used the strategy to shed unwanted pounds and body fat. Perhaps you may want to try it too.

We offer a customized weight and fat loss / increase of lean muscle mass program–one you can do anywhere within any schedule you have.

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Patrick Rooney is the Owner of GREEK PHYSIQUE™, LLC a Personal Training company located in Middle Tennessee, which specializes in body sculpting for men and women. Patrick is certified through the National Association for Fitness Certification (NAFC). Patrick is available for Personal Training, Small Group Training, and Nutritional Consulting, both in person and via phone and Skype. He can be reached at info@greekphysique.online.