Have You Ever Considered Investing in the Future of Your Health? (The Greek Yoga for Beginners Video is Here!)

My name is Patrick Rooney. I’ve spent years fine tuning an amazing workout I call Greek Yoga™.

It’s really much more than a workout.

It’s a sound investment in the future of your health.

According to the available literature, heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States. The heart is a muscle, and cardio training strengthens it.

The number three cause of death are accidents. Some accidents can be prevented by building strength and balance in the body.

And the number five cause of death is stroke. Again—a strong, healthy body helps ward off the incidence of stroke.

And the incidence of many of the other top causes of death can be lowered through the use of intelligent exercise.

But what if you’re not old—you could be weak! Maybe you’re having trouble carrying out the necessary tasks of life with gusto. Nobody wants to be weak, and you don’t have to be. Just take the simple steps to get strong!

Greek Yoga™ builds a well-rounded, athletic, sturdy body that fights the ravages of aging, and the indignity and burden of weakness. And it’s fun to master. Continue reading “Have You Ever Considered Investing in the Future of Your Health? (The Greek Yoga for Beginners Video is Here!)”

The Case for Training (Almost) Daily

If it’s important, do it every day. If it’s not important, don’t do it at all.

Dan Gable, legendary wrestler and coach


How often should a man or woman train?

That question is asked on every training site, nearly every day.

Is there an answer? Does it depend?

Yes, it does depend. And good arguments could be made for many different answers.

But I’m going to present some solid reasons to consider near-daily training: Continue reading “The Case for Training (Almost) Daily”

Successfully Changing Your Diet Is Not Physical, and It’s Not Really Mental… It’s Spiritual–Here’s Why

I came to a realization today, more clear than it has ever been. My failure to really transition my diet the way I have desired is a lack of faith. Nothing more.

Now I hardly have what one would call a bad diet. If you want to talk percentages, mine may be in the top five percent of the population at large, give or take, in terms of how healthy it is.

But it’s not where I know it should be.

And it is not a physical issue. Yes, there are physical cravings and the like. But I’ve found they’re never that severe.

Nor is it mental, really. Yes, the mind plays tricks, and tells us what we want to hear, about everything, diet–especially–included. And there are what we may call “mental” cravings, and these can be more severe. But they’re certainly not insurmountable.

There’s only one other key realm, and that’s spiritual. You could say emotional too, but I consider that an outgrowth of the mental.

So what is the problem? Continue reading “Successfully Changing Your Diet Is Not Physical, and It’s Not Really Mental… It’s Spiritual–Here’s Why”

Gut Check: Can You Handle “Slow” Progress or Setbacks?

I’ve been training for almost fifty years.  And “progress” in my training, nutrition, and lifestyle does not come as quickly as it did when I was starting out.

Neither will progress come as quickly for you.

There are reasons for this.

If you start a diet or training program and you’re basically out of shape and unconditioned–assuming the program is good–you can expect pretty dramatic results (in the beginning) if you stick to it.

But the more conditioned you become, the smaller the noticeable gains will be. Think of the elite athlete. They are so finely tuned they are looking for very small gains to give them the edge over the competition.

Once you’ve embarked on a health and fitness program, you need to begin thinking like the elite athlete.

The Expectation Trap

Understanding that health and fitness gains typically come slower, the more healthy and fit you already are, is key to gauging progress. For example, over the past week, I’ve been consciously adding more water to my diet, to flush out the junk, and to get my body working more efficiently. Proper water intake has been linked to many health benefits, and particularly, I felt a need to increase water intake for improved sleep, which has been a challenge for me for some time.

While I can say that I have experienced some improved health benefits, including some improvement in my sleep, I have not experienced a huge difference. At least not yet.

What I’ve noticed is something similar to other lifestyle changes I’ve made over the years–based on what someone has said, or someone’s stated experience is using a particular strategy, an expectation has been set up in my mind to expect a particular outcome in a particular length of time. That’s what’s known as a setup, my friend! Continue reading “Gut Check: Can You Handle “Slow” Progress or Setbacks?”

Is There Something Wrong with Training to Look Good?

We live in the age of Internet selfies. Of steroid-bloated bodies. Of big booty bikini competitors… In short, the world of health and fitness is awash in a sea of vanity.

Yet, at the same time, we’ve seen the rise of “functional” exercise: CrossFit, stability balls, athlete-centric training. Overall, quite a positive trend, I’d say.

These appear to be two ends of a spectrum—“form” versus “function.” Do they have anything in common? More to the point, is there anything wrong with training to look good? Continue reading “Is There Something Wrong with Training to Look Good?”

Greek Yoga™–Total Body Conditioning in 30 Minutes!

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Greek Yoga™ distills Greek-inspired calisthenics, classic yoga, and modern cardio training into one amazing workout!

This workout can be modified to fit where you’re at right now, even if you’re an older trainee, weak, or someone who tends to irritate joints when they work out.

The timing couldn’t be better with summer upon us. The price is right too–during the month of June, we’re offering three 30-minute sessions of Greek Yoga™ for just $90! ($30 per session–the same per-session price as our six session package) Continue reading “Greek Yoga™–Total Body Conditioning in 30 Minutes!”

Does It Pass the “God” Test?

This week I realized I’ve long been applying a standard–a test if you will–to my own approach to health and fitness, and to ideas pushed in the health and fitness world.

I call it the “God” test.

You know the saying, “Does it pass the smell test?” In other words, is it believable or not as a solution to whatever problem it is we’re discussing.

The “God” test, states, in the way that I see it, “Is the proposed solution keeping within the laws of nature and of nature’s God”? (to quote the Declaration of Independence)

Or is it just plain unnatural? Continue reading “Does It Pass the “God” Test?”

Starch is a Tool–Like Fire!

I experienced a new food adventure earlier this week that I’d like to share with you. It was another eye-opener in regards to the effects of starch on the body.

If you’d like to see what happened to me when I tried eating starchy vegan, read Starchy Vegan Made My Body Go to Sleep. It’s a lengthy read, but if you want to dig further into the world of starch and the kind of effect it can have on you, check it out.

The above foray into the starchy vegan world taught me some profound lessons. And this week’s experiment with a more “paleo” style of eating (cutting out grains and legumes) opened my eyes even further. Continue reading “Starch is a Tool–Like Fire!”

Greek Yoga™ Is Here!

I’m thrilled to announce an exciting addition to Greek Physique™, LLC–Greek Yoga™ ! For simplicity and brevity sake, I’m setting this blog post up as a kind of FAQ:

What is Greek Yoga™?

It’s really the blending of Greek Physique™ classic progressive calisthenics with classic yoga–a perfect marriage utilizing the strengths of both disciplines.

What are the Benefits of Greek Yoga?

Now this is where it gets interesting. Because there are a lot! I’m going to list 10+ benefits: Continue reading “Greek Yoga™ Is Here!”

Starchy Vegan Made My Body Go to Sleep

I’ve been into health and fitness for most of my life. And I’ve known for a long time the kind of impact the right diet can have on a person. Through eating incorrectly, I’ve known periods of poor health and horrible productivity. Even today, as a healthy 57 year-old in great physical condition, if I try something in my diet and it doesn’t work, my health and productivity can quickly take a nose dive.

Which brings me to this week’s experiment.

I’ve been concerned for some time about the potential negative effects of too much meat, eggs, and animal products on the system. I understand that God allowed mankind to eat meat after the Flood. But I also know that the first diet He provided in the Garden was raw vegan:
Continue reading “Starchy Vegan Made My Body Go to Sleep”