Greek Yoga™ Is Here!

I’m thrilled to announce an exciting addition to Greek Physique™, LLC–Greek Yoga™ ! For simplicity and brevity sake, I’m setting this blog post up as a kind of FAQ:

What is Greek Yoga™?

It’s really the blending of Greek Physique™ classic progressive calisthenics with classic yoga–a perfect marriage utilizing the strengths of both disciplines.

What are the Benefits of Greek Yoga?

Now this is where it gets interesting. Because there are a lot! I’m going to list 10+ benefits: Continue reading “Greek Yoga™ Is Here!”

Starchy Vegan Made My Body Go to Sleep

I’ve been into health and fitness for most of my life. And I’ve known for a long time the kind of impact the right diet can have on a person. Through eating incorrectly, I’ve known periods of poor health and horrible productivity. Even today, as a healthy 57 year-old in great physical condition, if I try something in my diet and it doesn’t work, my health and productivity can quickly take a nose dive.

Which brings me to this week’s experiment.

I’ve been concerned for some time about the potential negative effects of too much meat, eggs, and animal products on the system. I understand that God allowed mankind to eat meat after the Flood. But I also know that the first diet He provided in the Garden was raw vegan:
Continue reading “Starchy Vegan Made My Body Go to Sleep”

Do You Have a “Supplement Habit?”


Supplement: Something that completes or makes an addition.–Merriam-Webster

I’ve been thinking about this one for a long time. It’s time to speak up about it: Dietary supplements are being misused–big time. Yes, I said it.

Supplements are a huge money maker for many in the health and fitness world. It’s a golden goose for them. In effect, they are “supplement pushers.” And they may have talked you into a “supplement habit.” Continue reading “Do You Have a “Supplement Habit?””

How to GUARANTEE Success with Your Health and Fitness Program


I’ve recently been discussing why so many are failing to implement health and fitness programs–it’s because health and fitness are NOT a priority.

But let’s say that you received that message and are ready to make health and fitness a priority. How will you guarantee the success of your program?

The power of habit.

Uh, okay,,, you may be thinking that the answer sounds pretty basic. But I assure you, it is the case–habits are that powerful. Anything you’ve achieved in your life–outside of a one-time fluke–has very likely been achieved via the power of habit.

So how do you implement the power of habit? Continue reading “How to GUARANTEE Success with Your Health and Fitness Program”

Replace Your Work Ethic with a “Play Ethic”


This morning I was looking at one of my training books, as I am want to do before my workout. Just looking for ideas, and thought stimulation. The book is Garage Gym Athlete by Jerrod Moon, and it’s a great one, by the way. I highly recommend it. You can pick it up for just $2.99 at Amazon (and I’m not getting any affiliate cut on this one).

If you’re the kind of person who loves programs and are into a CrossFit-type of training (particularly with barbells) , then Jerrod is your guy. He’s ex-miliary, lives and breathes programs, and is a living testament to their efficacy.

But I had kind of an epiphany this morning once I started my workout and intended to put some of Jerrod’s ideas to work: I AM NOT A PROGRAM GUY! Continue reading “Replace Your Work Ethic with a “Play Ethic””

FAILING with Your Health and Fitness Program? Here’s Why

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Are you failing with your health and fitness program? Here’s the most likely reason why…



Greek Physique™, LLC offers High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), as well as progressive calisthenics, kettlebell, barbell and band training, along with cutting edge nutritional and lifestyle coaching in Middle Tennessee and nationwide via Skype.

Our signature 12-WEEK TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM is just $40 per Session..

You can also purchase Sessions 6 at a time for $45 per Session.

Contact Us for a FREE, No-Obligation Consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.



Want Fast Results? It’s a HIIT!


HIIT is all the rage these days. Does that make it bad?

Not at all.

Just because something is popular, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value. Think Frampton Comes Alive! for example (yeah, I know–this dates me massively!). And HIIT is both popular and valuable.

What is HIIT? It’s an acronym that stands for high intensity interval training. In other words, training with high intensity, mixed with intervals of lower intensity.

It’s a simple idea, and far from being new, the HIIT principle has been at work with active people since the beginning of time (yes, further back than Frampton Comes Alive!) Continue reading “Want Fast Results? It’s a HIIT!”

If You’re Even THINKING About Training With Us, Read This

Hello! There’s a lot I want to tell you, so please bear with me for a moment…

I have two openings in my schedule right now, and I want to use them to train two motivated people who are tired of being overweight, or weak, or held back by a body that just doesn’t want to do what they want it to do.

It the “they” I speak of “you”? If it is, please do not delay your comeback any further. I can help you. Because I have been you. 

You may know my story. I’m 57, and in better physical condition today than twenty years ago.That didn’t happen by accident. It happened because I wanted more out of life than to simply exist. I wanted to LIVE! Continue reading “If You’re Even THINKING About Training With Us, Read This”

Spring is Here–Work Out Anywhere!


Spring is here!

It’s a time for renewal. A time for many to travel–kids out, get out! To be outdoors as much as we can.

I have always believed in natural health–in sunshine, fresh air, natural movement, minimally-processed food, and proper rest.

As weather permits, I believe in getting outside for my workouts as much as possible. It beats a dark, smelly gym! Good for the soul too.

And thankfully, there really isn’t much needed to get in a good workout; other than, as exercise minimalist Danny Kavadlo has said, “Something to step up on, something to hang from, and something heavy.”

It’s liberating!

Many years ago, I took a cruise with family to the Eastern Caribbean. It was great! For exercise equipment, I packed my yoga mat–that’s it! And that’s all I needed. I did yoga in the mornings right inside my cabin, I walked around the ship and islands that we visited, I swam in the beautiful, tropical, turquoise water, ran some on the treadmill in the ship’s gym, and did some post-cardio stretching. That was plenty and I never missed a beat. Continue reading “Spring is Here–Work Out Anywhere!”

Is It Possible to Gain Muscle Past 90? This Study Says “Yes!”

A recent article, How to Build Muscle as Age Tears It Down, was brought to my attention by loved ones–thank you–it’s a gem.

So how to do that at an advanced age when the article itself says that muscle loss begins in our thirties, gains momentum when we hit fifty, and accelerates in our seventies?

It even states that many in their forties and fifties are losing muscle, even if they are exercising fairly regularly.

So how to stop or at least slow down this cascade of bad news?

It’s no surprise to me or my clients that strength training is noted as the most important intervention.

The kicker in the article is a LINK to a 1994 study that showed that muscle loss can be slowed in most, and EVEN REVERSED IN SOME REGARDLESS OF AGE! Continue reading “Is It Possible to Gain Muscle Past 90? This Study Says “Yes!””